Cafe Cecilia
Cafe Cecilia Cafe Cecilia Cafe Cecilia Cafe Cecilia Cafe Cecilia Cafe Cecilia Cafe Cecilia Cafe Cecilia Cafe Cecilia

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Café Cecilia est à la fois un bistro de quartier et un hommage élégant aux racines dublinoises du chef. Ce restaurant met en valeur la formation du chef dans des établissements renommés de Londres, tels que St John et The River Café, à travers une cuisine simple mais époustouflante. Que vous soyez fan de l'onglet, du gâteau Guinness ou des fritti à la sauge et aux anchois, vous serez conquis par Café Cecilia. Ce lieu branché propose des plats pour le petit-déjeuner et le déjeuner, ainsi que des pâtisseries maison et des plateaux gourmets. Recommandé par Raven Smith, écrivain pour Vogue, Café Cecilia est un incontournable de la scène gastronomique londonienne. Venez découvrir une cuisine irlandaise originale et savoureuse, avec des plats tels que les croquettes d'agneau à la menthe et les beignets d'anchois à la sauge frite. L'ambiance raffinée et contemporaine de Café Cecilia en fait un lieu idéal pour se détendre et profiter d'un bon repas. Ne manquez pas cette adresse recommandée par Bouche Paris et Angela. Café Cecilia est un restaurant de quartier incontournable, proposant des petits-déjeuners, déjeuners et dîners. Venez découvrir ce lieu convivial et savoureux, recommandé par LT.

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"Voted best in london by timeout (#1) Great restaurant - instagram"




"FT Restaurant is booked out weeks in advance in the evening"


"Also dinner , looks banging Steak + eggs for brekkie 🥩 🍳 Was on Isaac japan insta"


"Sélection Le Fooding dans leur substack Saucisse"


"Very good contemporary British. A bit more expensive. "


"Lucy Williams Ziet er top uit enkel van woens - zondag"


"Il m’a suffit d’un carrousel pour avoir envie de tester. "


"Croquettes agneau menthe + beignets anchois sauge frite - no diet club"


"Dish to order: Onglet, chips and peppercorn sauce ​​This is the first bricks-and-mortar restaurant from Max Rocha – a canalside spot in Hackney. The son of fashion designer John Rocha has a résumé that includes some of the city’s best joints – the River Café and St John Bread and Wine among them. Café Cecilia is a simple affair: pristine white walls, a scribbled blackboard menu and an open kitchen. The aim of the game is to share – kick off with a jammy terrine so smooth it almost melts onto the crispy toast. The airy pizzetta topped with gooey Taleggio and the crisp fennel salad with green-goddess dressing are must-orders too. Stick to two or three mains – the handmade pasta with rabbit ragù is perfectly al dente, while the stuffed tomato comes with a side of British graceburn, a creamier version of feta. Cleanse the palate with a refreshing white port and tonic before opting for something funky from the short wine list – we’d order a Chardonnay from the Languedo or a zingy Vinho Verde from Portugal’s Minho region. It’s easy to see why Max Rocha is quickly becoming known as one of the top chefs in the city."


"A café (and restaurant come Friday and Saturday) w a sleek decor and exterior - but so sleek that a lady had to show us where the door was to get in. The food was lovely, with all the ingredients super high quality. I had the Guineas bread w soft boiled eggs and Coolea (Welsh cheese) which tastes similar to Gouda ! The ooooonly thing was that both our flat whites were lukewarm - and we bumped randomly into the women who helped us find the door outside who also agreed that hers too was lukewarm. Maybe their coffee machine wasn’t cooperating that day but it wasn’t the nicest. Overall tho a really great café and would recommend for something a bit more simple w a focus on quality foood !! "


" carter reco "

"The Simon Rocha’s family has a nice restaurant in London called Cecilia. Max Rocha, the designer's younger brother, is in charge of the kitchen. Papa John was in charge of the interior of the space, Simone designed the uniforms for the staff, and Mama Odette helps with financial matters - a chocolate cake is named after her. There's a lot of Irish dishes on the menu (the family is especially proud of their Guinness bread, which they even add to desserts here), and at the next tables you may meet photographer Tim Walker and vice president of Dover Street Market."


"Beignets d’anchois et sauge "




"Cafe Cecilia - supposedly the best restaurant of 2022 by George. "


"Cambridge Heath, British, Eater"


"There has been so much hype around this restaurant that I expected the world. It was really delicious- fresh, seasonal ingredients done to perfection. But not mind-blowing, brat style restaurant. To be fair, the costs aren't the same as Brat so it's not too bad of a dent in the bank"


"Onglet steak with peppercorn sauce"


"If Sessions was the most glamorous restaurant opening of 2021, then Cafe Cecilia was the hottest. And the trendiest. Since it opened in the autumn, it has maintained a steady flow of plaudits from all the coolest places — in part because of chef-owner Max Rocha’s connection to the world of fashion (he is the son of designer John and sister Simone Rocha.) However, there’s a surfeit of substance as well as style in this stark, minimalist cafe-bistro. M. Rocha and his staff belong to a new-school which is a direct descendent of the ingredients-obsessed old-school: those like the River Cafe, Rochelle Canteen, and Quo Vadis. And like peer Anna Tobias’s cooking at Cafe Deco, it can be a bit beige, but is so often bright, clever, and deserving of the attention it has received this year. Do not miss great steak and chips with peppercorn sauce, nor fruit tart at dessert. // Café Cecilia: a first taste of Max Rocha’s new canalside canteen "


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