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Restaurant Bavel: Cuisine Méditerranéenne et Moyen-Orientale à Los Angeles

Situé au centre-ville de Los Angeles, le restaurant Bavel est une véritable explosion de saveurs méditerranéennes et moyen-orientales. Les chefs Ori Menashe et Genevieve Gergis, d'origines israélienne, turque, marocaine et égyptienne, vous proposent un menu qui rend hommage à leurs héritages personnels tout en explorant les influences culinaires de la Californie du Sud. Les spreads de hummus et de baba ghanoush, accompagnés de pain pita chaud, sont les incontournables de la carte. Les plats principaux, tels que le chou-fleur rôti, les crevettes grillées et les côtelettes d'agneau, sont sublimés par des touches de pâte de piment, d'herbes et de produits laitiers délicieusement acidulés. En tant que chef pâtissière, Genevieve Gergis vous réserve des desserts spectaculaires, tels que des glaces à la racine de réglisse et des beignets au chocolat parfumés au clou de girofle avec crème au xérès. Ne manquez pas l'occasion de découvrir ce restaurant méditerranéen et moyen-oriental d'exception à Los Angeles. Réservez dès maintenant votre dîner chez Bavel et laissez-vous séduire par les saveurs envoûtantes de la cuisine de ce ristorante.

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"Very good everything. Lamb was excellent. Even the desserts (nougat)"


"Nice occasion, middle eastern. A bit pricy!"


"Apparently great middle eastern food"


"From Bestia people. North African and Middle Eastern "


"Downtown L.A. Middle Eastern $$ Reservation At the top of my wish list for Los Angeles restaurants: more chefs articulating the spice-fragrant, sun-soaked flavors of North Africa and western Asia (a.k.a. the Middle East, a term many friends and peers from the area increasingly reject). Bavel is one booming, energized affirmation of the possibilities. No map can pinpoint the exact geographic influences of Ori Menashe and Genevieve Gergis’ second Arts District restaurant. Menashe was raised in Israel and comes from Turkish and Moroccan roots; Gergis’ family is of Egyptian ancestry. With Bavel’s menu they pay respect to their personal lineages, but the food also crisscrosses Southern California and the topography of their imaginations. From iterations of hummus and baba ghanoush at their silkiest to chicken liver pâté sequined with tarragon leaves and pickled blueberries, the spreads with their sides of hot pita or buckwheat toast are the menu’s nucleus. Anchoring ingredients — roasted cauliflower, grilled prawns, lamb chops both charred and blushing — are canvases for brushstrokes of chile pastes, herbs and many forms of deliciously soured dairy. Of the three restaurants she and Menashe run, Gergis chooses Bavel as the most dazzling showcase for her pastry skills. Finales like licorice root ice cream bonbon (try it to understand) or clove-scented chocolate doughnuts with sherried cream deserve their due attention, even after all the amazing bread. Also, after four years and a pandemic, it’s lovely to see the vines that trail from the dining room rafters looking so healthy."


"Mediterranean. Same owner as bestia "


"Unexpectedly good but expensive Nick works there "


"4/2022 went with betanzos. Must get: regular hummus, farm cheese and celery root and lamb neck schearma. Leas good- duck hummus, fried pita, oyster mushrooms, vanilla custard. Loved the dill drink for m and lamb fat old fashioned for A. Beautiful restaurant. Loud"


"Farm cheese, sprouting cauliflower, oyster mushroom kebab"


"Mediterranean, cloud hummus, divine, upscale. Good luck making reservations. "


"Incredible middle eastern "


"Bon appetit people were eating here and it looks like really good (but expensive) Mediterranean food"


"Got a bunch of food and everything was ridiculously good!! The hummus and pita bread was insane + the shrimp and the fish were supreme. Their oyster mushroom kebab is one of my favorite things I’ve ever had. And the salmon starter with pomegrante and blueberries was absurd. Top restaurants I’ve been to in LA!"


"Middle eastern sort of food"


"Approved by Eric Wareheim "


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"#11 No atlas exists that can trace the exact geographic influences of Ori Menashe and Genevieve Gergis’ second Arts District restaurant. Menashe was raised in Israel and also comes from Turkish and Moroccan roots; Gergis’ family is of Egyptian ancestry. With Bavel’s menu they pay homage to their personal lineages, but the food traverses Southern California and the terrain of their own imaginations too. A whirl of hummus, nearly as smooth as yogurt, topped with a pool of duck ’nduja is the passport dish into their worldview; the soft, pancake-shaped pita served alongside will fill you too quickly, but you’ll keep eating anyway. Swing to something lighter — grilled prawns marinated in harissa and served with a clever tzatziki that subs zucchini for the usual cucumbers — then dive back into the deep end with the signature lamb neck shawarma (more straight-from-the-oven flatbread; more futile resistance) or the beef cheek tagine over couscous. Ordering at least one of Gergis’ desserts is non-negotiable — a Levantine version of a Pop-Tart filled with strawberry and sweet cheese if you saved room, or mulberry ice cream if you can only manage one bite. Like Bestia, the couple’s first blockbuster restaurant, Bavel is bombastically popular and yell-across-the-table loud. Even in the fray, the long vines cascading from a suspended garden in the center of the room manage to make it feel like an oasis. Full bar. Valet or street parking. Credit cards accepted."
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