Sarma Restaurant
Sarma Restaurant Sarma Restaurant Sarma Restaurant Sarma Restaurant Sarma Restaurant Sarma Restaurant Sarma Restaurant Sarma Restaurant
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"Delish delish Mediterranean small plates"


" Chloe & Tom think it was really exceptional food and a chilled vibe. Top 50 2023 Boston Magazine « taste your way through masterpieces like apricot dolma with walnuts; lamb kofte sliders; and a luxurious cornbread with feta, honey, and sesame that has thankfully become a menu mainstay. And try to save room in case chef Cassie Piuma’s famous sesame fried chicken makes its way across the dining room as a special. »"


"1st on Best Restaurants of Boston Magazine 2023 Middle Eastern Chef Cassie Piuma"


"From the minute I stepped into the restaurant, I knew the experience was going to be phenomenal. The lighting and noise level were just right to create a very calm and relaxing ambiance. The spacing between the tables gave enough privacy to each party and the seats were very comfortable. The staff was caring and eager to go into the details of the menu…. which leads me to the food topic. The menu is insanely creative making it very hard to choose. The layers of flavors in each dish was like a fireworks in every bites. The Black Sea Cornbread is unlike any cornbread you have had before: moist inside and crispy all around. The Parsnip in the Parsnip Sarma is all jazzed up with a coat of smoked ham and lathered in a date brown butter resembling the taste of a light toffee sauce and spiced up with a fabulous Muhummara. The Biscuit in the Pork Belly Biscuit was perfectly layered and buttery and the pickled onions brought a nice balance to the fat of the pork belly. The Spanikopita Salad brought a nice contrast between the freshness of the salad and the perfectly crunchy fried feta. We ended on a sweet note with the Halva Chocolate bite. I will definitely return to Sarma as many times as needed to try everything on the menu and then some more….. "


"So yummy!!! 20/10 stars. Big portions for tapas - we had: 2 gyro bread Brussels Latke chaat Chicken manti Pork schnitzel Fried chicken Harissa bbq duck Brisket shawarma Lentil nachos Gnocchi Louchamades And we had the yummiest drinks- I had the vodka cran orange allspice one"


"From the same restaurant group that brought sofra and oleana to cambridge is sarma, their hip Somerville cousin. Was full to the brim on a Monday night which certainly says a lot. We sat at the bar which I enjoyed because you got the see firsthand into the kitchen. Food was honestly fantastic. Started with a sesame boneless chicken wing (off menu) and I knew things were gonna be good. Lentil nachos were a highlight as was the calamari and lamb manti. Definitely try. Only thing I was disappointed by was that I spent four years at Tufts down the road and didn’t come to the restaurant once! 8.56/10"


"Ben top last 18 mo. Have to try the Slovenian orange wine"


"One of my favorite dinner spots in the city, middle eastern tapas "


"Small plates, tapas, Greek, great reviews!"


"In an age when diners plot their orders like battle strikes, breathlessly dissecting online menus before they even arrive at a restaurant, we miss the element of surprise, of evenings that meander in unexpected directions. Hats off to Sarma for its devotion to nightly specials, ordered on a whim from friendly, platter-toting servers who weave among the tables. (Never say no to the sesame fried chicken.) They supplement the regular list of Turkish- and Middle Eastern–inflected meze that continue, quite inventively, to spice up Boston’s dining scene."


"“Might be the best restaurant in the whole city but not priced like it”"


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