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Neue Galerie Neue Galerie Neue Galerie Neue Galerie Neue Galerie Neue Galerie Neue Galerie Neue Galerie

Neue Galerie - Musée d'art allemand et autrichien à New York

La Neue Galerie est un musée d'art allemand et autrichien qui expose des œuvres du début du XXe siècle. Vous pouvez faire du shopping, dîner et parcourir la variété d'expositions fantastiques présentées par le musée. Le Café Sabarsky, basé sur la cuisine autrichienne, propose des performances de cabaret chaque semaine, tandis que le Café Fledermaus propose des projections de films de style viennois avec des boissons et des collations chaque vendredi. Et pendant que vous y êtes, assurez-vous de visiter 'La Femme en or' de Gustav Klimt, qui est exposée en permanence au musée.

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"Conseillé par Dimitri insta"


"It's one of the most famous paintings in the world. The Portrait of Adele Bloco-Bauer 1, completed by Gustav Klimt in 1907, is a work you must see in person. Only then can you take in its shimmer-ing, gold surface with an aura that's all its own. The beloved painting is displayed inside a paneled drawing room and is the jewel of the Neue Galerie. The collection is housed in a lavish 1914 townhouse-turned-museum and focuses on early 20th-century German and Austrian art and design. Opened in 2001 by art collector Ronald S. Lauder, the Neue Galerie is one of the city's most elegant museums, and people from all over the world make the pilgrimage here to see The Woman in Gold. It's the pure radiance of the painting that astounds. Painted in oil, with silver and gold leaf, Bloch-Bauer's face is crisply rendered. Her hands are clasped beneath her chin, perhaps concealing a disfigured finger. A wealthy society woman, Adele hosted regular Viennese salons, and the portrait was commissioned by her husband, who was a Jewish banker. Her gown merges with the background into a wild swirl of triangular and oval patterns and has the sitter's initials, AB. Is she standing or sitting? It's hard to tell. She seems to hover, staring boldly back at us, not just earthly but divine as well. The Woman in Gold is classic Klimt. Inspired by Byzantine mosaics, the Austrian artist's father was a goldsmith. Adele was his friend, and he did some 100 preparatory drawings for this work. In 1941, the masterpiece was seized by the Nazis. The glorious choker Adele wears in the painting was taken as well. After an eight-year court battle, the Bloch-Bauer family got the painting back in 2006. Lauder then purchased it for $135 million and brought it to the museum, where it will remain always. Complete your visit with exquisite Viennese pastries in the atmospheric Café Sabaraky or Cafe Fledermaus on the lower level."


"Musée dans un hôtel particulier avec plein de Klimt "

"Museum for German and Austrian art from the early twentieth century. Located at Fifth Avenue and 86th Street on Manhattan's Upper East Side."


"Cartina p462 (%212-628-6200; www.neuegalerie .org; 1048 Fifth Ave, all’angolo con E 86th St; interi/studenti $20/10, 18-21 primo venerdì del mese ingresso libero; h11-18 gio-lun; b4/5/6 fermata 86th St) La splendida residenza restaurata costruita da Carrère e Hastings nel 1914 è una cornice perfetta per l’arte tedesca e austriaca in esposizione, tra cui opere di Paul Klee, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner ed Egon Schiele. L’orgoglio della Neue Galerie è il dorato ritratto di Adele Bloch-Bauer dipinto da Gustav Klimt nel 1907 ed esposto al secondo piano, che fu acquisito per il museo dal magnate dell’industria cosmetica Ronald Lauder per la cifra strabiliante di 135 milioni di dollari. La storia affascinante del dipinto è raccontata nel film del 2015 Woman in Gold"


"Museo privato dove è esposto il ritratto di Adele Bloch-Bauer di Klimt "


"Pay what you wish until November 10"


"Museum for german and austrian art"


"Gratuit 1er vendredi du mois"


"Museum (Klimt Werke!) Austrian Café!!! "


"Ritratto Adele Bloch Bauer Klimt "


"Art allemand et autrichien de 1890 à 1940 : Klimt, Schiele, Kokoschka…. Café Sabarsky : Caché dans le musée, authentique café viennois de la grande époque ! Hmm !"


"Neue Galerie is a German and Austrian art museum displaying pieces from the early 20th century. You can shop, dine, and browse the variety of fantastic exhibitions presented by the museum. Austrian-cuisine based Cafe Sabarsky hosts weekly cabaret performances, while Cafe Fledermaus hosts a Viennese-style movie screening with drinks and snacks every Friday. And while you’re there, make sure to check out Gustav Klimt’s “The Woman in Gold,” which is permanently on display at the museum. "


"Les KLIMT Café et bar trop cher pour ce que c’est Juste à côté du zoo de central park "


"Art viennois très beau café"


"Tres joli musée et excellent salon de thé autrichien "


"Recommandation Antoine Six"


"Lovely interior, is open after museum closes but just have reservations. Austrian and German food. I had the crab salad. Expensive and small portions. Jean has the vegetable Spaetzel which was very good."


"Recommandé par 300 raisons d'aimer NY p.201"


"GREAT vibes, and very manageable in scale (only two exhibition levels. They have the Klimt portrait of Adele Broch Bauer. The cafe is supposed to be very good as well. "


"Klimt. Museo piccolo ma delizioso. Da non perdere! Provare anche il caffè viennese all’interno. Ottimi dolci"


"Small but interesting gallery including “portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I”, very famous piece by Klimt. Normally expensive, this gallery is free on the first Friday of every month from 4 to 7 PM"


"Plus d'infos dans le Cartoville New York 2020 (Quartier G) ! Commandez le guide ici :"


"Klimt paintings including Woman in Gold German and Austrian art next to Central Park. Can visit in 1-2 hours "


"Peinture, sculpture, arts déco… Une galerie pluridisciplinaire mettant à l’honneur les œuvres d'Allemagne et d'Autriche du début du siècle"


"A great museum for German and Austrian art located on Fifth Avenue"


"A great museum for German and Austrian art located on Fifth Avenue"


"viernes 5 de junio de 5 a 8 gratis "


"Peinture, sculpture, arts déco… Une galerie pluridisciplinaire mettant à l’honneur les œuvres d'Allemagne et d'Autriche du début du siècle"


"Peinture, sculpture, arts déco… Une galerie pluridisciplinaire mettant à l’honneur les œuvres d'Allemagne et d'Autriche du début du siècle"


"gratuit le 1er vendredi du mois de 6 à 8"


"German and Austrian Art - Gustav Klimt - The Café Sabarsky inside draws its inspiration from the great Viennese cafés "


"Gratuit le premier vendredi du mois de 18h a 20h"


"Café Sabarsky à l'intérieur "


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