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Restaurant japonais n/naka - Sushi, Fine Dining, Michelin - Palms, Los Angeles

Le restaurant n/naka est un lieu de fine dining japonais situé dans le quartier de Palms à Los Angeles. Dirigé par la chef Niki Nakayama, récompensée de 2 étoiles Michelin, et sa partenaire Carole Iida-Nakayama, ce restaurant propose une expérience culinaire raffinée et inoubliable. Leur menu dégustation japonais met en valeur des plats de sushi impeccables, ainsi que des plats chauds tels que le karaage de poulet croustillant, le tofu maison soyeux et le riz et la truite cuits à la vapeur dans un donabe (un pot en argile japonais). Les saveurs sont à la fois authentiques et surprenantes, offrant une expérience gustative unique. Réservez dès maintenant pour découvrir ce restaurant japonais d'exception !

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"2 Michelin stars 2024 #6 Best Restaurant by LA Time in 2023 Chef Niki Nakayama Wrapped in neutral tones, this serenely understated room offers one of LA's most warm and graceful dining experiences. Chef Niki Nakayama presents her interpretation of a modern Kaiseki meal, drawing upon Japanese tradition while at the same time following her own path, offering an intricate procession of seasonally inspired courses that show a uniquely Californian influence. The menu begins with a sip of house-infused sake and small bites, winding through delicate aromatic broths, sashimi courses and heartier fare like grilled fish accented with sansho pepper. The only dish to never leave the menu, an artful twirl of al dente spaghetti dressed with tender abalone, pickled cod roe and black truffle, exemplifies Chef Nakayama's unconventional approach."


"It remains nearly impossible to get a table at the chef Niki Nakayama’s fine-dining n/naka in the Palms neighborhood, but booking a reservation at n/soto, her more casual spot with a handsome dining room in West Adams, doesn’t require careful timing and frantic clicking. During the pandemic, Ms. Nakayama and her sous chef and partner, Carole Iida-Nakayama, pivoted to bento-box take-out at n/naka, then opened n/soto in 2022 to continue serving their refined takes on homestyle dishes. Their sushi is impeccable, but their hot dishes — crunchy chicken karaage, silky warm housemade tofu, rice and trout steaming in a donabe (a Japanese clay pot) — are as exciting as a perfect slice of toro."


" PalmsJapanese$$$$ Reservation At a late-summer dinner at n/naka, the first plate to arrive — in custom with the ritualized, multicourse form of kaiseki — was sakizuke, a course composed of elements meant to reference the immediate past and future seasons. On this night, a scallop from Hokkaido had been layered into a precise disc with oyster aioli and fermented asparagus gelée. Yellow carrots and beets cut into thin petals encircled the scallop, and a dollop of caviar on top completed the picture: The composition, which resembled a sunflower, was the loveliest food I demolished this year. And in its arc of spring-to-fall contrasts, among the most delicious too. Niki Nakayama composes her tasting menus around the precepts of kaiseki, which evolved out of Japanese tea ceremony traditions, but she isn’t confined by its structure. Along with Carole Iida-Nakayama, her wife and fellow chef, she follows an Angeleno’s regard for the farmers markets and for her own unmovable individualism. Their plates revise the notion of “what grows together, goes together” into Mary Oliver poems. Forests and seas of vegetables, noodles, seafood and broths appear as distinct habitats. It’s as if they’ve somehow occurred naturally, though the skill involved is also obvious and tremendous. You will need to fight like hell for a reservation at n/naka. It will be worth it. "


"meilleur restaurant japonnais des états Unis- vu sur netflixx"


"2 Michelin starred Japanese tasting menu"


"Gastronomique japonais (chef femme)"


"Niki Nakayama a 2 étoiles sur la veste et va probablement en mettre beaucoup plus dans les yeux de ceux qui vont pousser la porte de son discret cocon nippon. Une belle occasion de voir comment elle interprète à sa manière la philosophie Kaizeki. Passion et hyper technicité au rdv. "


"Niki nakayama, cheffe du n naka, 2 étoiles michelin"


"Best Japanese food in the US so far. And best service. It will be a 3* Michelin restaurant in no time"


"America’s 38 essential restaurants "


"chef's table, kaiseki = menu de 7 ou 8 plats personnalisé, japonais "


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"#4 On any given day, n/naka is booked months in advance. When you do happen to score a table, it may occur to you halfway through the meal that n/naka is perhaps the most quietly subversive restaurant in the city. The restaurant contests tradition at almost every turn, beginning with chef Niki Nakayama herself: Kaiseki cuisine is historically made only by men. The careful pace of a kaiseki meal, which looks to express the ephemeral sense of a place or season over the course of many small dishes, is another subtle yet profound act of defiance, a stopgap to the sped-up pace of modern life. And there’s the food itself, brilliant in its juxtaposition of Japanese and California moods and ingredients, and radical in its reimagining of what a modern-day kaiseki meal ought to look like. On a recent night, in the quietude of her spare, 26-seat dining room, Nakayama served grilled branzino infused with California eucalyptus, and a melty slab of A5 Japanese Wagyu tucked into a miniature cannoli shell. Dinner culminated, as it always does, with Nakayama’s rule-breaking signature dish, the only thing she repeats for regular diners: spaghetti tossed in a ragù of abalone and pickled cod roe, lightly showered with black truffles. If fortune rewards the brave, then the future bodes well for n/naka. Beer, wine and sake. Valet or street parking. Credit cards accepted."
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