Jaisalmer Fort

Jaisalmer Fort

Fort Rd, Amar Sagar Pol, Khejer Para, Manak Chowk, Amar Sagar Pol, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan 345001, Inde

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The huge fortified city of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan rises from the sands of the Thar Desert (literally "Abode of Death'), which for centuries acted as a natural barrier between the indus Valley and the fertile plains of the north. founded by Prince Jaisal in 1156, the city became the new capital of the Bhatti Rajputs, one of the biggest and most feared tribes of Rajputs, after they moved from the more vulnerable Lodhruva. In the Middle Ages, Jaisalmer grew to be a major center for camel trains plying the flourishing trade routes from India to Egypt, Arabia, Persia, Africa, and Europe while also controlling the way into northern India across the desert The fort, which is also known as Sonar Quila or the Golden Fort because of its color, stands on Trikuta Hill, at a height of some 250 feet, (76 m), It is enclosed by an impressive crenellated Sandstone wall 30 feet (9 m) high and reinforced with ninety-nine bastions (ninety-two of these were built between 1633 and 1647 for use as gun platforms). From the beginning, a number ofwells within the fort ensured a reliable water supply, making it possible for a large population to be maintained; even today a quarter of the old city's residents live inside the fart One of the most remote places in india, the city is a blend of Rajput and Islamic styles of architecture, untouched by Eutopean influences, Inside the monumental gateways of the fort are royal palaces. some with richly detailed murals and glass mosaics, as well as Jain temples and a number of mansions or havels with delicately carved stone facades and balconies that belonged to noblemen and merchants. The substantial quantity of fine buildings and the superb quality of the workmanship, especially the stone carving, testify to the wealth and power that were concentrated here at one point.


Hier, journée de marche dans le fort de jaisalmer avec le soleil ☀️


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