Saltie Girl
Saltie Girl Saltie Girl Saltie Girl Saltie Girl
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"Steak Tartar French Fries "


"Souper avec Doug. PREA fall 2023"


"Bonne terrasse si vous êtes dans le coin"


"Step into this Back Bay raw bar specializing in snappy cocktails and luscious preparations of all things seafood and you’ll fall hook, line, and sinker for everything on the menu, including platters of fresh-shucked oysters on crushed ice, torched salmon belly with charred avocado, smoked fish that would make a New York deli owner proud, seafood-topped toasts, and a butter-drenched warm lobster roll overflowing with fresh meat. Rounding out the menu are tins of domestic and imported gourmet shellfish and fish (including caviar) served in all their oily goodness with bread, butter, smoked salt, lemon, and sweet pepper jam Keep in mind that this place is very, very small and almost always packed. You’ll usually have to wait for a table or bar seat, but the crowds just add to the party atmosphere."


"Restaurant créé par une française spécialisé dans les produits de la mer. Le lieu est très sympa mais pour le prix les quantités sont un peu exagérées. Un peu plus de sauce ne ferait pas mal. 60$ pour deux petits plats et un dessert. "


"Lobster Roll, order: Toasted Handmade Gnocchi with Caviar"


"Average seafood. Yellowtail sashimi was bad and pasta was too cheesy and oily "


"3/19: Came here with jin! Pretty good oysters (but expensive😵‍💫). We got a small plate seared salmon with avocado… amazing. It was so creamy. We also got the lobster and waffles. Absolutely delicious. "


"Hip + Thierry. Bon mais petit plat. Intérieur rose mims"


"Don’t like fish but recommend if u like fish! Lol. Not many options but I know it’s good according to everyone else. I had fries "


"Soooo delicious. All the seafood was amazing"


"Saltie Girl may be small, but it boasts a large selection of seafood dishes that touch on so many different genres. A table might have everything from a raw bar tower to uni Benedict toast to fried lobster and waffles, and there are plenty of imported tins of seafood as well. This Back Bay restaurant is a seafood lover’s paradise. (By the way, there’s the option to add lobster and/or caviar by the ounce to anything on the menu.). (King salmon crudo)"


"Quite good. Nice location. Big name. 7.6/10"


"Get the pineapple cocktail if you want to ‘wow’ your friends on the ‘gram! 😉 FYI, this spot is very tiny and is first come, first serve so "


"Good but select oyster bar nearby is way better"


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