Franschhoek Wine Tram
Franschhoek Wine Tram Franschhoek Wine Tram Franschhoek Wine Tram Franschhoek Wine Tram Franschhoek Wine Tram Franschhoek Wine Tram Franschhoek Wine Tram Franschhoek Wine Tram Franschhoek Wine Tram
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"Wij hebben de pink-line gedaan (bus first) heel leuk. Volgende keer Oranje route doen met Babylonstoren"


"Franschhoek is beautiful town beyond Stellenbosch, 45 mins inland from Cape Town, where a lot of the premium wines are produced in South Africa. Because they're a vast amount of wineries they've built a tram designed to easily get you from a to b, where you hop on / off and explore different vineyards. You're presented with specific routes (red line e.g.) when booking the wine tram. However, it's hard to suggest which line / wineries are the best as it is subjective on which wines people enjoy. Instead: Firstly, pick a restaurant (Babylonstoren, Maison or Le Petit Colombe e.g.) for around 2/3pm and book the tramline which transports you to that location. Secondly, have breakfast before you're on the tram (10am start) and then find a vineyard serving wine you like; buy a case and stay there until lunchtime. It's far more relaxed and enjoyable instead of hoping onto lots of different vineyards, which might not be as good as the last one! In terms of logistics, I'd stay overnight instead of driving back after tasting wines all day, gives you a bit of variety and flexibility on your holiday. A final note; if you happen to be in Franschhoek on Saturday, there is a fantastic market so if you're schedule suits, enjoy the wine tram on Friday, stay overnight and have breakfast in the market before you head off to your next stop!"


"Sip your way through Franschhoek’s acclaimed estates with a double-decker Wine Tram that connects eight wineries in the valley through six different routes"


"Route des vins avec stops dans plusieurs vignobles de la région. Si possible s'arrêter au vignoble du Lude !"


"Perfect way to see multiple vineyards in Franschoek, with beautiful scenery "


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