Ningxia Night Market
Ningxia Night Market Ningxia Night Market Ningxia Night Market Ningxia Night Market Ningxia Night Market Ningxia Night Market Ningxia Night Market Ningxia Night Market Ningxia Night Market
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"One of the 5 famous night markets in Taipei. Look for the calamari stand"


"Ningxia night market is hard proof that the Taiwanese love to be crowded together: here, two rows of stalls running up wide Ningxia road are unnecessarily pushed close together to create a narrow walkway between them. Ningxia is located near historic Dadaocheng and Dihua Street, one of the most interesting neighborhoods for wandering and street photography in Taipei. This is a great choice for a quick and easy night market experience, or if you are traveling in Taipei with kids (but it still gets packed, so do come early). Running from the traffic circle on Nanjing West Road north to Minsheng West Road, the southern portion features several children’s games, balloon darts, and so on. If you would like to take a tour of the night market with a knowledgeable local, check out this Ningxia Night Market Tour on GetYourGuide. For a relatively small night market, Ningxia sure packs in a lot of great food. The deep fried oyster/shrimp and balls (蚵嗲), a Chiayi specialty, are a personal favorite of mine. By far the most popular stand in the market, with a line starting before they even open, is the Michelin recognized Liu Yu Zai deep fried taro balls (劉芋仔芋餅, stall #91). They only sell two items: taro only balls, and taro balls stuffed with salted egg and pork floss. If that doesn’t sound so appetizing to you, or you don’t want to wait forever in line, then try the similar ones at stall #122. The custard ones are extremely rich, with melted buttery custard inside, and while I can’t compare them with the famous salted egg ones, because I didn’t try the latter, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that these are EVEN better, at least for those who like rich desserts. And no line!"


"-Ning xia night market - best night market 2015 - ของกินเตมมมมมมม"




"Try the grilled corn on the cob (old classic that the Taiwanese put a fantastic, spicy, garlicy spin on)"


"A lot of Taiwanese food to try out"


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