Rubirosa Ristorante

Rubirosa Ristorante

235 Mulberry St, New York, NY 10012, United States
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Hungryconsti - Mes adresses

Hungryconsti - Mes adresses

pesto pizza !!!!

TOP 100 Restaurants - New York

TOP 100 Restaurants - New York

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Les Adresses de Charlotte

Les Adresses de Charlotte

Sean Glass

Sean Glass

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cute sit chill down or takeout


Insane gf pizza and mozzarella sticks


Tie dye pizza is perfect thin crust with marinara, vodka sauce and pesto. Not for everyone but quite yum!


Tie dye is the only choice. Ignore anyone else.


Tie dye pizza loos great, reservations open 7 days prior at 9am


Recomendación de Eva Chen Pizza en zona animada de tiendas y bares. Muy buena. Recomendable pizza de vodka y la Rubirosa Supreme


pizza muy buenas. la de tye-dye con vodka muy buena


Vu chez Pauline torres - pastas alla vongole + pizza à partager


Favorito de Eva Chen. Reservar con tiempo.


Dara rec. Famous Italian place. Need reservations farther in advance. Good vegan options.


REALLY good pizza. Hard to get a table. Love their antipasto appetizer. Really good desserts.


Neighborhood Italian restaurant in Little Italy, pizza highly recommended


I found this place on yelp bc my mom really wanted italian and we are next to little Italy. We ordered the strawberry margaritas which were super strong BUT i found a fly i n my first drink. I was already halfway done so I took it out and didnt make a hassle about it. However, for my second margarita I found ANOTHER fly and was like ok i need to say something. The waiter quickly got me another drink. In the end, they gave us free cannolis and didn’t charge for the two drinks. Overall, really enjoyed the service and food was delicious.


Recommandé par 300 raisons d'aimer NY p.72 -Meilleure pizza -Pizza vodka


pizzas antipasti pâtes salades sandwichs


Wishing I was at brunch again right now!


zeps, cool bruschs, pizzas pastas , choco bread pudding. Lemon chicken and lemon parpadele. Brussels pizza too


super pizza énormes 1 petite pour 2 ok


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