Teatro Olimpico
Teatro Olimpico Teatro Olimpico Teatro Olimpico Teatro Olimpico Teatro Olimpico Teatro Olimpico Teatro Olimpico Teatro Olimpico Teatro Olimpico
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"The Teatro Olimpico is the world's oldest surviving Renaissance theater and probably the world's oldest indoor theater. It is also remarkable as the last work of the renowned architect Andrea Palladio, widely considered to be one of the most influential figures in European architecture. The Teatro Olimpico was commissioned by the Accademia Olimpica (Olympic Academy) in 1580 and built on the site of an abandoned medieval fortress that had been used as a prison and powder store. Palladio had returned to his home city of Vicenza in 1579, and set about designing a new theater based on classical ideas. He died shortly after construction of the Teatro Olimpico began, so the works were continued using his sketches and drawings. Palladio had not, however, left any designs for the scenes to be placed on the stage. These were produced by Vincenzo Scamozzi. They are constructed of wood and stucco, and altholgh they were only intended to be temporary, they have survived and remain in the theater. Scamozzi also designed two rooms in the theater and the original entrance. On March 3, 1585, the theater was inaugurated with a performance of Sophocles's Oedipus Rex. Sadly, only a few more productions were staged before the theater was effectively abandoned. The Teatro Olimpico is a monument to one of the world's most influential architects and an important site in the history of European theater. Unlike theaters such as the Globe in London, which is a reconstruction of Shakespeare's theater, the Teatro Olimpico survives almost extant in its original form, providing a vital and unique historic link to the Renaissance stage. Today, the theater is used only during the summer because installing a heating system would damage its delicate wooden structures."


"Magnifique salle de théâtre dessinée par Palladio Si vous avez de la chance, vous tomberez peur être sur un spectacle de jeu et lumière !"


"Magnifique théâtre vue en cours "


"Théâtre au décor trompe l’œil de Palladio, inchangé depuis 500 ans !"


"Teatro realizzato da Palladio con scena fissa prospettica, visitabile insieme al bellissimo chiostro. impressionante!"


"teatro stabile realizzato da Andrea Palladio"


"Monumento all'arte di bellezza incredibile, semplice, complesso, magnifico. Da vedere nella vita."


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