Evans & Peel Detective Agency

Evans & Peel Detective Agency

310c Earls Ct Rd, London SW5 9BA, Royaume-Uni

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In the Loup - a foodie's world map

In the Loup - a foodie's world map

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W London Insider

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Bar caché ambiance prohibition / sur rdv


1. Always, always book on their own site and not a 3rd party site ahead cause its a popular place and you can select the seat position 👍 2. Prepare a mystery case for them. It does not have to be detailed or realistic. Just something simple and fun. 3. The exit door is the "fire exit door" by the bathrooms to disguise the speakeasy cause you don't want to be noticed 4. Get the "I need investigating/investigation" cocktail. You can customize your drink and if they have film, they'll take a polaroid picture of your table 😁 5. You can ask to see if you can take the menus and the coasters home cause they're pretty cool 6. Thursday~Saturday is jazz night from 9pm. It'll cost you 3 pounds per person during this time for the jazz but its absolutely worth it!


Affascinante bar in piena atmosfera anni 20, presentato come un’agenzia investigativa.


Online lo trovate come un’agenzia di detective. Dovete proporre loro il vostro caso da risolvere, che poi sarà anche la vostra ‘password’ per entrare.


Have to describe your case to a detective to be allowed to enter


“Detectives” - you need to come with a case and there are actors ?


speakeasy with a detective at the entrance - bring a "case" for him to get in


On est accueilli par un détective privé qui pose des questions avant de voir ouvrir l’entrée cachée. Bougies, vintage, bons vins. Nourriture


Press the buzzer, and head down the stairs into a private dick's office, to present your case (you really have to present a case).


One of the best and most secretive bars in London. Make sure to have a good story for the detective before going in ;)


Complete case (on website) before arriving @ bar


bar caché theme annees folles gatsby


Un speak easy - Prendre rendez-vous


A throwback speakeasy bar with secret entrance.


Submit a "case file" to gain entry


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