Lincoln Memorial
Lincoln Memorial Lincoln Memorial Lincoln Memorial Lincoln Memorial Lincoln Memorial Lincoln Memorial Lincoln Memorial Lincoln Memorial Lincoln Memorial
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"Was under construction but still a cool sight. You can see the Washington monument very well from the top of the steps. "


"Washington DC, United States"


"In the middle of Washington, DC, is a large park area, the National Mall, and dominating the west end of this stands the Lincoln Memorial. From the steps of the monument, a view stretches across the long reflection pond to the obelisk of the Washington Monument, the National World War II Monument, and away in the distance to the U.S. Capitol. The prolific architect Henry Bacon designed the Lincoln Memorial as his final project and chose as his model the ancient temples of Greece. The gleaming white structure that stands an imposing 190 feet (57 m) long, 119 feet (36 m) wide, and 100 feet (30 m) high comprises a central cella, flanked by two smaller cellas, surrounded by thirty-six massive, fluted Doric columns (a further two columns stand at the entrance behind the colonnade). The magnificent columns correspond to the thirty-six states that formed the Union at that time, and above each column is carved the name of each state. The central cella houses the monumental statue of Lincoln, which was carved over a period of four years under the direction of Daniel Chester French. The sculpture gazes across the reflection pond to the Capitol and was carved from Georgian marble, whereas the building itself was constructed from Indiana limestone and Colorado Yule marble. The two smaller cellas contain the Gettysburg Address and Lincoln's second inaugural address, both inscribed on the wall. Above them are the two large murals Reunion and Emancipation, by the French artist Jules Guerin. Lincoln's memorial is the scene of many public gatherings and protests, with one of the most famous addresses being Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech in 1963. The memorial is intensely moving and, as a statement of democracy and the first positive steps to freedom, is one of the United States's most important monuments."


"Bornant l'extrémité ouest du Mal, le monument est dédié à Abraham Lincoln. À gauche de Lincoln on peut lire les mots de Gettysburg Adress son fameux discours. C'est depuis les marchés du monument que fut prononcé le discours "I have a Dream" de Martin Luther King."

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