Bam Bam Bakehouse
Bam Bam Bakehouse Bam Bam Bakehouse Bam Bam Bakehouse Bam Bam Bakehouse Bam Bam Bakehouse Bam Bam Bakehouse Bam Bam Bakehouse Bam Bam Bakehouse
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"Fondato nel 2015 - team di pasticceri, chef e produttori lo hanno trasformato in una meta cult per gli amanti dei dolci e del caffè - prodotti da forno stile francese - tutto preparato in piccole quantità durante il giorno così prodotti sempre freschi e deliziosi - eroe della pasticceria umile croissant 🥐 "


"Overrated breakfast. Won’t be going back"


"8/10 Brunch place that’s better known for its fancy pastries (including the Snicker’s Croissant that is apparently Matt Preston’s favourite and sells out on preorders before the store opens each morning). Another place where parking is a nightmare, minimal street parking and no designated parking despite its popularity. Visited early 2021 with a massive group after PBL organised by Ashraf, resulting in a rather chaotic brunch which included Lucy teaching cryptic crosswords. Ordered Croissant French Toast and Barbie hot chocolate (and sampled Nasi Goreng/Karage Chicken Burger/Croissant Benedict/Sweetcorn fritters), also bought a coconut lychee eclair for later. Meals Croissant French Toast: not going to say it was bad because it would be impossible for it to be, but possibly because of how much it got hyped up it just wasn’t as good as I was hoping. The chantilly cream didn’t have much flavour it was just very sweet (although the bacon definitely helped with that) and I don’t know if it was soaked enough in the custard Samples: Nasi Goreng was fairly unmemorable, Karaage chuck burger was really cool just by being on a croissant but the teriyaki sauce was also excellent, hollandise on the Benedict was a bit thin overall nothing special, was disappointed by the lack of flavour in the chipotle Mayo for the sweet corn fritters but the fritters themselves were very good Drinks Barbie hot chocolate: good hot chocolate, the cool part was the gorgeous pink colour (although it didn’t have any latte art which was sad because that’s half the reason I ordered it) Pastries Coconut Lychee Eclair: keeping in mind that I wasn’t feeling 100% that night so probably didn’t enjoy it as much as I otherwise would it was very good, particularly the little bits of lychee jelly but the cream once again had the issue of not having much flavour beyond “sweet”"


"dolci francesi molto dolciosi "


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