Roti King
Roti King Roti King Roti King Roti King Roti King Roti King Roti King Roti King Roti King

Roti King: Restaurant Malaisien pas cher à Londres

Roti King est un petit restaurant malaisien situé dans le sous-sol d'un bâtiment à Euston. Il est réputé pour ses plats de rue malaisiens et singapouriens à des prix abordables. Leur spécialité est le Roti Canai, un pain plat et feuilleté servi avec un bol de curry de votre choix. Essayez également le Nasi Lemak, un plat de riz à la noix de coco avec des cacahuètes, des anchois frits, du concombre, de l'œuf, du sambal et du poulet frit épicé. Si vous êtes fan de fruits de mer, essayez le Seafood Kari Laksa, un plat de nouilles aux fruits de mer et au poulet dans un bouillon de curry de noix de coco. Le restaurant est petit et peut être bondé, alors il est préférable d'y aller tôt pour éviter les queues. Roti King est l'un des meilleurs restaurants malaisiens de Londres, recommandé par des critiques gastronomiques tels que Conde Nast, Esquire et London Eater. Profitez d'une cuisine authentique et savoureuse à petit prix chez Roti King!

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"Sarthak says it’s really good and everything’s less than £10"


"Best roti in london according to roshan "


"Extremely tasty and satisfying Malaysian street food. The roti-dishes are exceptional. Queuing required."




"Le dimensioni ridotte del Roti King e la sua costante popolarità rendono inevitabili le code, ma vi assicuriamo che varrà la pena aspettare. Il roti canai (£6,50-7,95), friabile pane piatto non lievitato tipico della Malaysia, viene servito con una profumata ciotola di curry o con gustosi ripieni: finalmente uno spuntino economico e genuino al posto dei soliti sandwich o insalata"


"lun-ven 12h-15h et 17h-22h30 sam 12h-22h30 Malais page 258"


"Malaisien chinois Gareth recommande "


"Appetizer: Roti chanai Black sa (soup noodle curry) Dessert: Roti Kaia "


"incredible incredible beautiful gorgeous "


"of the most delicious, authentic Malaysian food in the city"


"Roti with anything, really good Malaysian "


"Authentic and affordable. Mon to Thurs : 12 - 3 pm / 5 - 10 pm Fri to Sun : 12 - 10 pm ​ Please note: Last table seated at 9.45 pm We do not accept cash. ​ Dine in - No reservations, walk ins only. Instagram: @rotikinguk"




"This teeny Euston backstreet basement serves up astounding Malaysian rotis, either stuffed or with equally first-rate curries for dipping. They’re crisp, chewy and feather-light but also dense – perfect with an ambrosial glass of teh tarik (chilled sweet tea). Also look out for great-value ‘local’ dishes such as nasi lemak, nasi goreng and beef rendang. RK is really is small, so dining solo or in pairs is probably sensible. Go early evening to beat the queues. THEY HAVE MURTABAK!!! Price: Roti canai from £6.50 (two pieces); nasi goreng £8.95."


"Dingy local vibe Murtabak (stuffed) Canai Both served with bowl of dhal or kari"


"Food is good but the wait is long and the restaurant is very small. 6 people table would be the max and it would not be comfortable."


"Malaysian Great food, good price, very busy!"


"Queues can be long, so ideally get there before 6"


"Order the chicken chanai per Tegan "


"y aller tôt, queue souvent "


"£4.50 roti canai with curry dal"


"great food, no BYOB/alcohol, get there at 5 or massive queues "


"Amazing chicken Chanai, incredible value. You will need to wait in a line. Gopal’s corner is a sister chain in market halls - if you are more central "


"Food: 4/5 Service: 3/5 Quality/price ratio: 5/5 Ambiance: 4/5 Overall: 4/5"


"greatest Malaysian in London"


"Great food for great prices, if you’re willing to brave the queue (but you can at least watch the rôties being made through the window). Particularly a fan of the condensed milk rotis. I am currently sulking because they demoted the vegetable stir fry, which was my favourite dish, off of the menu. Might start a petition."


"restaurant Singapourien Malaisien 45min de queue cheap et bon"


"Malaysian food. I recommend the Lamb Roti Canaï as a main course, and the sweet roti Planta as a dessert."


"Street food malaisien incroyable mega coté"


"Recommandé par Hypo « best Malaysian restaurant in London »"


"Malaysian, trouvé sur un blog, très bien noté "


"Meghan recc. Super cheap and one of the best meals she’s had. Go for dhal and morning glory. Big queues (1hr wait on a Weds) but you can have drinks in line whilst waiting "


"Top 2 roti houses in London"


"Roti king: Amazing roti and curry"


"Delicious food but get there early! Massive queues "


"Roti canai with chicken- so good"


"v small but legit Malaysian food, I love the char kuey teow noodles + ro"


"Malaysian, quick (take away?) The area around Euston station is replete with no-frills, delicious places to eat. This little Malaysian basement setup from chef Sugen Gopal on Doric Way may be the best. Two pieces of freshly made, high-moisture roti canai — whether to eat in or take-away — are best served with curry dhal. That speciality costs only £4.50, though round two is likely, and a newly introduced online queueing system has added a new seamlessness to the experience."


"Roti Chicken, Roti Mutton Nasi Goreng"


"Malaysian singapurian restaurant"


"Malaysian food / have the roti!!"




"Really cheap but reaaaally good! About max. 8£ per dish. "


"There is queue but it's fast"


"Best roti canai in London, opposite Euston station, big queues and tiny restaurant but can call for takeaway "


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