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Don Angie

103 Greenwich Ave, New York NY 10014
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TOP 100 Restaurants - New York

TOP 100 Restaurants - New York

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Amazing Italian restaurant but super expensive. Just got their Michelin star!


Highlights: lasagna, salad, gnocchi


Amazing garlic flatbread, lasagna great, top 3 Italians in nyc


expensive, flatbread good, sourdough good but small portion


EVERYTHING HAS PORK LOL and can’t be removed/replaced- major let down. Their famous dish is a no no💔 buttttt SALAD with Parmesan WAS AMAZING so simple but sooo good!! so was garlic flatbread😳😍. For mains sweet potato is INCREDIBLE, garganelli giganti (ask without pork) is SOO yum and the meatballs r like crispy goodness!! Friends like broccoli and gnocchi but it was way too lemon-y for my taste.


Hard to get a reservation apparently. Not sure who recommended.


Cute Italian restaurant in west village, first come first serve, ravioli is chef’s kiss according to Amanda, reservations release 7 days early at 9am


- Stuffed flat bread, lasagna, Chrysanthemum salad


4/10/21- lasagna; prosciutto and papaya; charred broccoli


Mimi said the lasagna for two was awesome!


Salad is amazing and lasagna is very good. 8/10 a little over hyped. Crudo was good good. Lemon steak is really lemony but I liked it but don’t get if u don’t like acid


Rain-friendly outdoor seating for covid


Chicken parm, stuffed garlic flatbread,caesar salad, garganelli giganti pasta, nonnas little nip, fiasco spritz


Amazing Italian food. Everything on the menu is great.


Fancy italian with a great playlist. Reco by Masaya Kuroki.


Calamari, veal Milanese are two best dishes


What you're ordering: Octopus Puttanesca and the Stracchino Gnocchi.


One of the best meals of 2018 accd to @gothamburgersocialclub


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