Leshan Giant Buddha
Leshan Giant Buddha Leshan Giant Buddha Leshan Giant Buddha Leshan Giant Buddha Leshan Giant Buddha Leshan Giant Buddha Leshan Giant Buddha Leshan Giant Buddha Leshan Giant Buddha
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"UNESCO World Heritage At 233 feet (71 m) high, the Leshan Buddha is the biggest Buddha statue in the world. To be precise, it is a Maitreya Buddha — a statue of a future Buddha. The Boddha is situated at the confluence of the Min, Oingyi, and Dad rivers, where numerous accidents had occurred. in 713, a monk named Hai Tong decided to carve a Buddha statue to watch over the river, a project that took ninety years to fully complete. The resulting Buddha was immense Its fingers are 10 feet (3 m) long and the shoulders are 92 feet (28 m) across, the size of a basketball court. At 23 feet (7 m) lang, the ears, made of wood covered in mud, were attached to the sculpture in a-wonder of ancient engineering. The statue was originally sheltered by a thirteen-story wooden structure but this was destroyed in wars at the start of the Ming dynasty. The Buddha did stop lives being lost to the rivers, If only because rocks from the construction filled in the riverbed. Today, erosion has taken its toll-plants and fungi are growing on parts of the statue and acid rain has caused the nose to turn black. Repairs are under way, and the local government is making efforts to avoid further deterioration Inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1996, along with Mount Emei, the site is considered of exceptional cultural significance since it is the place where Buddhism first became established on Chinese terntory and from where it spread widely throughout the East. Indeed the first Buddhist temple in China was built in this area in the first century. But it is also an area of natural beauty into which the human element has been integrated."


"Very impressive!!the Leshan Giant Buddha"


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