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"Tassy Goodall (chef) recommends"


"vegan zero waste tasting menh"


"mar-ven 18h-22h sam 11h-15h et 18h-22h dim 11h-15h resto zero dechet page 235"


"Really good value zero waste dining in hip spot ~£55 per person for 11 course"


"Zero waste / Boogie From Berwin’s list"


"SILO is the world’s first Zero Waste restaurant."


"0 waste restaurant. Fancy. ~£70pp"


"Zero waste Great food apparently and a bit expensive "


"Mec du pote minibar Concept 0 déchet tout réutilisable "


"When chef Douglas McMaster opened Silo in Brighton in 2014, most people’s response to ‘zero waste’ would have been ‘zero what?!’ McMaster was well and truly ahead of the green curve with his innovative approach to cooking based on the simple but quite out-there idea of not having a bin. One glance at the concise menu projected onto the back wall (they don’t print the food menus as they change so often) and diners will spot McMaster’s unusual ingredient pairings. The menu romps on, a succession of flavours that jar, but work, until the puddings, which are just as creative and wild: a sunshine-rich pumpkin ice cream, tart sea buckthorn snow and silky crème fraîche. Get the daily tasting menu to try as many dishes as possible: every single one – all of it – is bold, daring and delicious. This is progressive food in both approach and taste, and it will leave you awestruck. Yes, it’s good for the planet – but it’s also just damn good. "


"restaurant on the top, gastro "


"andare a cena, prima visitare hackney"


"Zero waste restaurant - fancy "


"Allegedly worlds first zero waste restaurant. Mostly plant based meal, Michelin star. They have their own flour mill, churn their butter, make their oats milk etc. Nose to tail ethos, also furniture is recycled and zero waste."


"1er restaurant sans déchets au monde "


"Suitcase rec: Trailblazer Douglas McMaster opened the world's first zero-waste restaurant in Brighton in 2014, way before eco-consciousness became cool and "sustainability" a culinary buzzword. Now, the pioneering concept has decamped to London's hipper-than-hip Hackney Wick. All dishes on the daily-changing, six-course tasting menu are designed with the bin in mind and the entire supply chain - from farm to fork - produces zero waste. The restaurant mills its flour (the sourdough here is divine) and churns it butter - smear it on said loaf dip the bread into the blue-cheese sauce that comes with cooked-over-coals artichokes. Anything that can't be eaten is put into the high-tech composting system. The ethos extends to Silo's interiors: crockery is made from recycled glass; plates are formed from plastic bags and furniture grown from mycelium - a raw material praised for its renewable properties."


"Zero waste tasting menu £50 pp"


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