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Learn how to cook one of France's favourite dishes with Chef Ludo 🇫🇷

Chef Ludo Lefebvre, famous French Chef, gives you today all the secrets on how to make the perfect french omelette, on the menu of his Le Petit Trois restaurant in Los Angeles 😋

The Perfect French Omelette by Chef Ludo 🍳


3 fresh eggs

Pinch of fleur de sel

Pinch of white pepper

Unsalted butter

Black pepper

Boursin cheese

Chives, chopped

How to do it? 🤔

1. Crack three eggs into a bowl. Using a whisk or fork to beat the eggs until the yolk is thoroughly mixed with the white.

2. Add a pinch of salt and touch of white pepper to the eggs. Whisk to incorporate. No black pepper for the omelette.

3. Heat a 9-inch nonstick pan over medium-low heat. (Make sure your pan is clean before you begin.) If you can hold your hand directly above the skillet and your palm feels warm, your pan is ready.

4. Drop a heaping tablespoon of unsalted butter into the pan. If your heat is at the right temperature, your butter will start to foam slightly, but no coloration will occur, don't end up with brown butter.

5. Pour your eggs into the pan. If the pan is too hot, your eggs are going to cook right away, and that’s no good. Take your time, and cook the omelette gently.

6. Now, this part is just like making scrambled eggs. Stir the eggs quickly with a rubber spatula while shaking the pan back and forth. Curds will begin to form. Keep your eggs moving to prevent coloration. The eggs towards the sides of the pan will cook more quickly, so scrape them down from the sides and fold them in towards the middle, shaking the pan to make sure they cover the entire surface of the skillet.

7. Once the eggs are set but still a little liquid on the top, you’re ready for the filling. Give the pan a little shake to smooth the bottom of the omelette.

8. Run the spatula along the sides of the omelette to loosen the eggs from the skillet. Here’s what you’re looking for with the eggs, they’re cooked, but still a little bit soft and runny on top.

9. Squeeze Boursin cheese down the center third of the omelette with a piping bag.

10. Place a little piece of butter next to the omelette before you roll it—this will make it pretty and shiny on the outside.

11. Place the spatula under the right side of the eggs, and begin to roll the omelette gently towards the opposite side of the pan.

12. Grab the handle of the pan with one hand (grab it from underneath, so your wrist is facing up), and hold a plate with your other hand. Tilt the skillet and let the omelette roll onto the plate.

13. Sprinkle with chives, and bon apétit 😜

So, shall we get started ? 😉

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