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Get a Mediterranean taste at the Le Bec du Coq restaurant in Marseille (south of France) ☀️

Rediscover the true taste of tarama (salted carp roe spread) with this recipe from Le Bec du Coq restaurant. A simple and so delicious recipe that they no longer have the right to take it off the menu according to the customers! 😉

The Tarama from Le Bec du Coq


200g of smoked cod roe

160 mL olive oil

80 g breadcrumbs

The juice of a lemon

A few centilitres of milk

A dash of ground pepper

Lemon juice and olive oil for the presentation

How to do it ? 🤔

Blot the breadcrumbs with milk, and wring out when everything is well absorbed

Blend the bread and eggs, then add the olive oil in several batches and the lemon juice

Rectify the seasoning by tasting it, and it only remains to eat it with fresh bread !

The tarama can be kept 2 or 3 days in the fridge.

Some tips 💡

Serve with a little olive oil + lemon

If it's too dense, add a little milk

If it's too liquid, add a little olive oil

Pepper for seasoning, but no salt

So, shall we get started? 😉

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