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Let's celebrate Easter together around a recipe from La Maison du Chocolat 🐣

Elaborated by Nicolas Cloiseau, chef of La Maison du Chocolat and meilleur Ouvrier (best worker) de France Chocolatier, this recipe will delight children and adults alike! 🍫😋

Chocolate Filled Eggs and French Toast Sticks ➡️ 1rst step: French Toast Sticks

Recipe for about fifteen eggshells


125g of butter

60g icing sugar

1g of salt

325g of dark chocolate bar Noir Equilibré 66%

20g of eggs

120g flour

60g roasted hazelnut powder

20g cocoa powder

100g of lacy crepes or crêpes dentelles

For the decor: 150g of milk chocolate bar Lait Musclé 37%, 150g of dark chocolate bar Noir Equilibré 66%

How to do it ? 🤔

Work the butter to return it to the ointment texture

Add icing sugar and salt

Finish the first mixture with the melted couverture at 104°F, this step requires melting the chocolate bars in a water bath

Add the eggs to the mixer with the sheet

Sift together the flour, hazelnut powder and cocoa powder

Add the sieved powders to the mixture with the lacy crepes, do not overwork the machine

Make a homogeneous mixture but do not overwork it so as not to break up the splinters

Roll out the dough into a rectangle of 15 cm x 35 cm to a thickness of 8 mm

Put in the refrigerator 2 hours and 30 minutes

Preheat your oven to 302°F

Cut into sticks 1 cm wide by 7.5 cm long

Place on a flexipan to cook for 10 minutes at 302°F

When they come out of the oven, the sticks are still flexible, let them cool down so that they can be handled without breaking them

Temper your milk and dark chocolates to 84,2/86°F and 87,8/89,6°F respectively

With the help of a cone, make stripes on each french toast sticks

Chocolate Filled Eggs and French Toast Sticks ➡️ 2nd step: Homemade Chocolate Spread


50g of sugar

1⁄4 vanilla bean

150g of cream

150g of milk

0.5g of salt

200g of dark chocolate bar Noir Equilibré 66%

65g of dark chocolate bar Noir Robsute 74%

40g of milk chocolate bar Lait Musclé 37%

25g of agave syrup

How to do it ? 🤔


Heat the milk, cream and vanilla together

At the same time, make what is called a light caramel with the sugar

Melt the dry sugar until completely diluted

It is necessary to obtain a caramel as clear as possible so as not to have a too pronounced perfume

Once the right colour and texture is obtained, deglaze with the infused milk and cream

Readjust to 350g with the cream and add the salt

Pour over the crushed chocolates. Let melt for 2 minutes

Emulsify with the whisk in small concentric circles until a smooth and shiny mixture is obtained

Finish your mixture by adding the agave syrup

The mixture must be at a temperature between 89,6 and 96,8°F

Then pour 40g per egg shell

Leave to crystallize for about 1 hour

You can enjoy it at any time with your french toast sticks

So, shall we get started? 😉

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Photo credits: @ValéryGuedespourFoudePâtisserie

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