New features

The Premium subscription, it's over! Discover the features available to everyone and support Mapstr in a different way with the Mapstr CLUB ❤️

📲 What are the new features?

It is now possible to see how to use the podium, change your map pins size, simulate your position and customize the sorting order of your tags.

We explain you in detail below, click on the tutorial videos to follow the different steps! (turn your phone around for a better watching 😉).

✅ TUTO - The Podium

Thanks to the podium, discover the most added places on an area by the maps you follow (friends, influencers, media, guides, brands...) but also the maps you don't follow yet and which have places in this area.

Useful for: finding new places to add and test but also new maps to follow!

✅ TUTO - Marker size

You want to change the size of the place markers on your map? This is also possible!

Useful for: personalizing and making your map more visually pleasing.

✅ TUTO - Simulate a position

Simulate your position abroad: in a city, country, or a more specific location.

Useful for: Easier to find addresses and maps to follow abroad, prepare for a future trip or a bucket list of places to see around the world.

✅ TUTO - Custom Sorting

Several sorting choices are possible on your card, but the custom sorting allows you to place the tags in the order of your choice (go ahead, we won't judge for the bars and happys hours tags first).

Useful for: customizing your tag list, showing your favorite tags first to friends and followers.

✅ TUTO - Mapstr Club

Pretty cool features, right? If you want to help us develop even more features, we need your support more than ever!

We invite you to take a look at the tutorial below to see how to join the Mapstr CLUB 😉 (good to know: premium users are automatically switched to Mapstr CLUB).

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