What really matters

It is in times of crisis that we realize what really matters in our lives. And that's not toilet paper...

We are all confined to our homes, and this is a very good opportunity to become aware of what we really miss. And no, it's not toilet paper, it's not even pasta and wine, and most of all... it's not scrolling like crazy in front of Instagram, Tik-Tok, and Youtube. That we can still do, and weirdly enough, it's not getting any better.

What I miss is other people. It's my mates, my colleagues, the social interactions, it's going to discover this little Corsican restaurant that I didn't know, this wine bar, this vegan cheese maker that everyone talks about, it's going away for a weekend in the Perche, to go for bike rides or hikes in crazy landscapes, is to kiss my niece and my nephew after a nice game of mimes, is to take them for a ride on a scooter, is to remake the world with 10 friends and as many bottles of wine (ps: alcohol abuse is bad for your health), etc...

Obviously, it's places and people.

And if you spend a little time reminiscing about your fondest memories, you'll see that they're places and people too.

So what's for sure is that when this crisis is over, I'm going to spend even less time on my phone, and even more time in places, with people.

That's exactly why I created Mapstr, and that's exactly why we need to keep going.

Create your bucket-list, your places to explore all over the world, use tags and comments to imagine who you want to go with, and let's prepare the next step. With less virtual and more real life.

Sébastien, Founder of Mapstr

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