Discover the Podium ! #FREEVEMBER

1 Million maps explored by our users, it's something to celebrate! So now that you have download maps for free for 2 weeks, we offer you the best PREMIUM functionality to enjoy it.

Looking for a good spot?

Discover the Podium and overlay all the places of your friends, media, guides and influencers on a single map. Then browse the most added places in the region and find the right address wherever you go!

How does it work?

1. if you have not already done so, unlock the Podium by clicking on the small gift in the home screen.

2. Place your map where you are looking for recommendations.

3. Launch the Podium from the "My Maps" menu at the top right of your map.

4. Discover the ranking of the most added places by your friends in the region!

5. To go further, filter the map with icons, click on the places to discover your friends' comments, add the place on your map, access its website,...

You won't be disappointed, so go and discover the Podium ;)

La meilleure expérience Mapstr est sur l'application mobile.
Enregistrez vos meilleures adresses, partagez les plus belles avec vos amis, découvrez les recommendations de vos magazines et influcenceurs préférés.